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TRICHOMES The High Ground

Aug 6, 2020

The High Ground features talks with the leaders of the Cannabis industry. Farmers, CEOs, public officials, anyone making an impact on the cannabis community and beyond.

Curbside pickup of cannabis may be exposing both customers and patients to unnecessary risk of robbery. 28 of 32 states with legal cannabis have implemented some form of curbside pickup options for cannabis dispensaries, but our guest today says there's a lack of guidance when it comes to what's required of businesses in terms of security.

Jesse Betend talked with Ken Wolf of Ken Wolf Security Consulting. Ken's company helps dispensaries get licensed by working them through the process and helping them craft the security plan, which in most cases is required in order to get licensed in the first place. We'll get into why Ken is concerned, what he thinks can be done about it, and why he's calling on both dispensary owners and police officers to do more.